Searching for an affordable yet stylish watch has always proved to be challenging, but it brings the question to mind, why is this the case? The goal to create a watch brand which had the customers best interest in mind, and protecting the average Australian wallet is what drove the ideas behind Salute Watches. 

Our brand aims to target ALL Australians who love the classic time piece look, not just those who are well off. A watch is a centre piece behind any outfit, and has the potential to complete your desired look. We try to keep it classic, without the confusing undesirable pieces stuck onto a watch to make it seem trendy. You have the ability to make trendy, and we want to support that with our timeless products. 
The quality behind our watches are uncanny, we put the time and effort into listening to all of our customers feedback, making sure we are up to date with all the wants and desires of the modern day. 
We pride ourselves on creating quality watches for all, no matter how young or old. and hope that you find beyond satisfaction in our timepieces. 
The Salute Watches Team.